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Fun fact: 37% of US Households are rentals (2016 U.S. Census Bureau Survey)

Pretty impressive, right? So how come when you try to obtain a mortgage loan as an investor or non-owner-occupied borrower, the process can be such a headache?

At Liberty First Mortgage, we want to improve the investment property buying experience, and it starts with having a team that’s knowledgeable about all of the intricacies of the mortgage financing process. 

Don’t find out the week before closing that you weren’t qualified correctly, and you now need to put down a higher down payment, or worse that the loan is denied. Our loan officers spend time their time listening and asking the right questions upfront instead of talking fast and making promises.

We offer solutions for every investment strategy, whether your goals are fix and flip, or buy and hold.

Innovative Programs

Some of the unique investor programs we offer include:

  • Ability to qualify based on subject property cash flows (no personal income or employment documentation needed)
  • Unlimited properties OK (most lenders cap at 10)
  • Gift Funds OK
  • Short Term Landlords (AirBNB, etc.) are OK


Next Steps

Want to talk more?  Unlike other mortgage companies, at Liberty First Mortgage, the first words out of our mouths will never be “what’s your social security number?” We can chat about generic options without pulling your credit report or taking a full loan application.

Our loan officers enjoy offering a free consultation to any potential borrower interested in just learning a little more about their options. Contact us today!



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